It is one of the most popular sausages in Poland, consisting mostly of pork. It is perfect as boiled, baked or grilled, and it is also an indispensable ingredient of sour soup. Delicious, juicy, aromatic sausage with a specific bright color will satisfy every taste bud 🙂


1 kg of pork neck
½ kg of pork ham
½ kg of pork shoulder
2 kg of pork belly, skinless
10 cloves of garlic, peeled
2 tablespoons of freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon of freshly ground herb pepper
2-3 teaspoons of salt
9 g of marjoram (1 pack)
2 bay leaves
4 grains of allspice
600 ml of water from the refrigerator
about 6 meters of pig intestines


Grind the pork neck, ham and shoulder on large meshes. Grind the bacon and garlic on fine mesh. Put all spices and ground together thoroughly. Add to the minced meat and knead it by hand for about 10 minutes, adding water from time to time to make the meat slightly sticky. To make sure that the meat is properly seasoned, fry a piece in a pan and try it. Once you are satisfied with the meat, put it in the fridge. During this time, prepare the intestines. Rinse them thoroughly (also inside) in warm water. Then put it in a bowl and pour warm water over it. Leave for 30 minutes. After this time, pour out the water and fill the intestines with warm water again. This time, leave it for 1½ hours. Prepare a meat grinder with a sausage stick. Lubricate the tip with oil and slide the intestine over it, leaving about 4 centimeters to be able to bind it. Turn on the mincer, put the meat on and punch it on the intestine (this is a good idea for two people). You have to be careful not to load the intestines too hard or too weakly, you can feel it yourself. Tie each tether and then gently twist to obtain sausages of the correct length. The operation should be carried out until the meat is used up. Such a sausage can be frozen or eaten after prior heat treatment 🙂


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