A level-up version of a traditional pork chop. An interesting way to surprise tasters, who think that it is simply pork in breadcrumbs but there is a delicious crunchy bacon hidden under the breadcrumbs. A simple way to add another taste to a traditional dish 🙂


300 g boneless pork loin
1 egg
2-3 bacon strips


Wash meat and dry it well with paper towel. Smash it using a meat mallet (not too thin). Rub it with salt and pepper. Put bacon strips in one side and pin it using a toothpick. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg. Prepare breadcrumbs on the plate. Dip the meat into the egg and coat it with breadcrumbs and transfer to a hot pan with oil (medium fire). Fry occasionally turning the pork over to avoid burning. Remove all the toothpick and serve with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad or beetroot.


bacon, pepper, pork, powder bread, salt

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