A great and extremely aromatic soup, perfect for both cold and warmer days. Dill goes great as an addition to soup, carrots and potatoes perfectly emphasize the taste and create a filling dish, and the meatballs are delicate and perfectly match this dish 🙂


500 g of minced pork
1 carrot, peeled and grated on fine meshes
350 g potatoes, peeled and diced
1 small yellow onion, diced
1 small red onion, blended
½ of round bread roll
half a glass of milk
4 tablespoons of chopped dill
1 large egg
1 tablespoon of butter
1 liter of chicken broth or broth from yesterday
200 ml cream 30%
a pinch of turmeric
flour to coat meatballs
salt and pepper to taste
oil for frying


Soak the bread in milk for 10 minutes. After this time, squeeze out and throw into a bowl. In this bowl, mix thoroughly the bun, minced meat, red onion, 1 tablespoon of chopped dill, a generous pinch of pepper, a small pinch of salt, and an egg. Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat. Form a meatball, coat in flour and add to a hot pan. Fry the meat on both sides until golden brown (at this stage, the meat does not have to be fried inside). Repeat until the meat is exhausted. Place the fried meatballs on a plate with a paper towel and set aside. In a pot, melt the butter and lightly stew the onion over low heat to give it a glass color. Add potatoes, carrots, salt, pepper and turmeric. Stir and fry for about 5 minutes. Pour everything over with hot broth and bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes. Add the meatballs to the pot, bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Add the rest of the dill and cook for 2 minutes. Mix 10 tablespoons of soup stock with cream. Take the soup off the heat and add the cream mixed with the decoction, mix everything thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper.


bulion, butter, carrot, dill, egg, flour, milk, oil, onion, pepper, pork, potatoes, roll, salt, sweet cream, turmeric

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