A warming soup with lots of meat for a great dinner for the whole family. A simple one-pot, aromatic dish will satisfy and saturate even the most demanding hungry hunger 🙂


350 g yellow split peas
500 g of sausage
250 g smoked bacon
250 g potatoes
1 onion
1.3 l of water
3 garlic cloves
2 tsp of marjoram
1 bay leaf
salt and pepper


Rinse the peas in a strainer and add to the pot. Pour water and heat slowly to bring to a boil (stir sometimes, so that the peas will not glue to the pot). Cut bacon into large cubes and fry in a pan without oil (bacon fat will replace oil). After frying, add to the pot. On pan where you fry bacon, fry diced onion and add to the pot. Then you need to cut the sausage into thick slices and fry it again into the same pan on which we fried onions. Add to pot. If scum emits, remove it. Add the bay leaf, crushed garlic, marjoram, pepper and salt. Cook from time to time stirring for about an hour until peas is soft. During this time, prepare the potatoes – peel and cut into small cubes. Add these potatoes to the pot and cook for 15 minutes (until the potatoes are tender). Serve with bread or just eat like soup 🙂

Enjoy your meal!

bacon, marjoram, onion, peas, potatoes, sausage, soup

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