In the Philippines, not many people prepare dry ripened meat, which is why I was surprised that my father-in-law is so eager to prepare meat. The first bite of dried meat explained the mystery to me, such a delicacy is simply delicious. Full of flavor, ripening duck breasts, which are extremely easy to prepare, you only need a little patience, but trust me, it’s really worth it 🙂


2 duck breasts with skin thoroughly washed, drained and cleaned of feathers
¾ glass of salt (200 ml glass)
¾ glass of sugar (a glass with a capacity of 200 ml)
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
Herbes de Provence
freshly ground pepper


In a small metal bowl, mix salt and sugar thoroughly. Insert the breasts and rub thoroughly on each side so that the meat is dipped in a mixture of salt and sugar. Put in the fridge for 72 hours. After this time, take the breasts out of the bowl and wash them thoroughly (you can put the breasts in cold water for an hour). Thoroughly dry the breasts and rub them with vinegar. Then season to taste with pepper and Provencal herbs. Wrap the breasts in gauze and hang in a dry, ventilated place for about 10 days. Serve thinly sliced ​​:)


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