Every great morning starts off with a delicious breakfast. Here’s a recipe that you can make for your loved one’s. Surprise them with a breakfast in bed that will make them feel special. You can also make this for any special occasion or to make your weekend special breakfast  with this delicious blueberry pancake.


1 cup of flour
1 glass of milk
1 egg
3 tbsp oil
3 tbsp granulated sugar
100g blueberry


Separate the white egg and egg yolk into two different bowls. Start with the egg white by mixing it from a low-high speed until it became foamy. In another bowl with the egg yolk, add the flour, sugar, milk, oil and mix together until well combined. Add the foamy egg whites and gently fold it using a spatula. Heat pan in a medium heat. Fry pancakes with a little oil, add some blueberries on top of it and flip it to fry the other side. Transfer into a dish and serve it with butter and syrup.


blueberry, egg, flour, fruits, milk, pancake

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