A simple and extremely tasty dessert made on the basis of the popular Lotus biscuits. Biscoff spread, whipped cream, and biscuits perfectly complement each other creating an excellent dessert. Elegant sweet cups for various events 🙂

Ingredients: (10 servings in 120ml dessert glass)

250 g lotus biscoff biscuits
375 g heavily chilled cream
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
250 g cream cheese
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
200 g lotus biscoff spread


Process 22 pieces of biscuits in a food processor or a blender until crumbs and set aside. In a mixing bowl whip the cream, powdered sugar, mascarpone and vanilla extract until stiff peaks. Melt the lotus biscoff spread into the microwave and allow it to cool. Put 2 tablespoons of crushed biscuits into the dessert cups. Pour the cream mixture over the crushed biscuits. Put a spoon of spread over the cream. Top with cream. Sprinkle with crushed biscuits and decorate with lotus biscoff biscuits 🙂


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