Eton mess is a traditional English dessert that is extremely easy to prepare. You could call it a “sweet mess” where the mess is sweet strawberries, crushed meringues and whipped cream. It is worth preparing this dessert according to the preferred proportions so that we like it the most 🙂 Recipe for two servings


300 g of strawberries
250 ml of heavy cream, chilled
2 handfuls of mini meringues (recipe)
mint leaves


Cut the strawberries in half or quarters if they are very large and set aside. Whip the cream until thick (without sugar). Break the meringues into larger pieces. Put a small amount of strawberries in each serving glass. Add the whipped cream and top with crushed meringue. Repeat the process for another layer. Top with strawberry and garnish with mint leaves 🙂


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