A classic Polish dish that is a must during Christmas, but also very popular for dinner, snacks or snacks during various celebrations. Very simple execution, great taste and easily available ingredients make a perfect mix for your favorite dish 🙂


400-500 g of herring fillets a’la matias (if we have matias, they will of course also be good)
300 g of onion, diced
2 bay leaves
4 grains of allspice
½ teaspoon of pepper
1 tablespoon of vinegar (optional)
about 200-300 ml of oil
scalded and dried 0.9 l jar


Put the herring in cold water for an hour and a half (changing the water every 30 minutes) to get rid of the excess salty taste. Dry the fillets and cut them into smaller pieces, for example 2 centimeters, so that the herring is one bite. If you don’t want the onion to taste too strong, pour boiling water over it (put the onion in a strainer and pour boiling water over it). Put a thin layer of onion in a scalded jar, then a layer of fish. Repeat the action several times until the ingredients are used. Between the layers, put bay leaves, allspice, and peppercorns. Finally, add the vinegar to taste and pour the oil over it. You can shake the jar to let the oil get into the gaps. Close the jar with the steamed cap and refrigerate for 2-3 days. Herrings are ready to serve, I like them best with bread 🙂


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